Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ok, so here's the thing; I want to synchronize my Palm PDA with my Google Calendar.
I can sync my palm to my PC with the built-in software that comes with the standard Ubuntu install. The trick is synchronizing that with Google Calendar.
The default calendaring application in Ubuntu is Evolution, and that's where my palm stuff gets synchronized to. So I needed to find a way to get Evolution sync'd with Google. There's a service called scheduleworld that can act as a central repository to synchronize with a variety of platforms, including Google, so I signed up for a free account. But how do I get the information to scheduleworld? That's where SyncEvolution comes in.
First you have to add the repository in Synaptic under the settings menu, select Sources, and then on the "Third-Party Software" tab, add "deb stable main" then back in Synaptic, search for "SyncEvolution", and you'll find three packages. For the version of Evolution that comes with Ubuntu 7.10, I needed to install "syncevolution-evolution-2.12" From there, it gets a little more complicated because I need to do some stuff in the terminal, and edit some config files. Fortuneately, the Getting Started link above is pretty specific for what I needed to do. Specifically, I had to do the following 3 commands in a terminal window:
  • mkdir -p ~/.sync4j/evolution
  • cp -r /usr/share/doc/syncevolution/scheduleworld ~/.sync4j/evolution/
  • gedit ~/.sync4j/evolution/scheduleworld/spds/syncml/config.txt
    • set "username" and "password" and choose a unique string for "deviceId"
Once all that was done, I could run the command "syncevolution scheduleworld", which would sync my PC's Evolution calendar with ScheduleWorld, and trigger ScheduleWorld to automatically sync with my Google calendar.
I added a launcher of type "Application in Terminal" with the "syncevolution scheduleworld" command in it so that I could to the sync in one click.
So in summary, I now have it set up so that I can click the SyncEvolution launcher, then sync my Palm, then click the SyncEvolution launcher again, and all my calendars will be up to date everyhwere!

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