Thursday, December 24, 2009


As an ex-iPhone user, here are my impressions after a couple days with the Motorola Droid.
I tend to agree with a lot of the reviews that I read, that for most users, all else being equal, the iPhone 3GS is the best phone out there right now. Does that mean that I regret switching? Not at all! Because all else is NOT equal.
  1. I am not the typical user. I like to have a lot of options and settings, and take the time to figure out how to get the most out of my equipment. The android operating system allows far more customization than the iPhone. Apple is really good at making products that do a few things very well and have very few options for doing much else.
  2. AT&T coverage is not good in the places that I care about. Maybe it's OK some cities, but there's no 3G coverage in my city at all, and even voice coverage at my house is inconsistent at best. When we first got our iPhones, they worked OK at home, but a few months ago, it got worse to the point that we really couldn't use our phones at home.
  3. Apps can run in the background on the Droid, and there are a wider variety of apps because they're not tightly controlled like the apps on the iPhone. That makes it possible for apps that change how text messaging works, or apps that replace voicemail with Google Voice. One of the coolest ones is an app that lets me make ringtones from any of my music files, Apple will never allow that because they charge for ringtones.
So, if you want a smart phone that “just works” out of the box, you don't mind lock-in with Apple, and AT&T has coverage in your area, then get the iPhone. But if you want a smart phone that you have control over, has better apps, and is on the Verizon network, then the Droid (or another android phone) is for you.

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