Saturday, April 29, 2006

MotorHome Geek
Our family of 5 have always been tent-campers, so why the leap from thin nylon to 29-foot aluminum and fiberglass with a bigblock V-8?

Our kids are 15, 9, and 6, and we decided that it's time to see more of the USA while we all are together. Rather than stay cooped up in a car or van all day to drive from Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone, we are convinced that it will be better to have room to spread out while on the road. No potty stops!

So we purchased a 29 foot Class C Motor Home this spring and plan to take it out west this August. Our first trip was an 8-hour drive over Easter weekend, and everything went pretty well. We did learn that you don't want to be parked next to a truckload of cattle at a rest stop overnight!

I'll plan to blog more about future trips, as well as some of the little things that we've learned to take with us. Then when we take the 3-week trip in August, we'll tell you all about some of the great (and not so great) things that we see and do across America.

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