Friday, July 14, 2006

Climbing Geek
We took our first MotorHome trip over Easter weekend to the huge climbing gym in Bloomington Indiana, Upper Limits.
It was an 8 hour trip, and went really well. We're pretty new to climbing, and had a blast!
If you want to get to UpperLimits and try it yourself, here's a map.
The gym is an old grain silo, and you get to climb to the top of 65 foot silos.
Here's what it looks like from the outside:

That's a long way up for a new climber like us. Here's a picture of our 6 year old and myself on side-by-side routes:

Our family of 5 took the two-hour family class, and it was excellent. The instructor was fun, and at the same time made sure we understood exactly how to top-rope climb and belay safely. After the 2 hour class, we spent another 9 hours climbing until the place closed. Having the motorhome in the parking lot was a big help when we wanted lunch, or a nap it was right there.
I highly recommend this for anyone, and can't say enough good things about UpperLimits.

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