Sunday, July 30, 2006

We got up and got ready for the day in the REI parking lot, and decided to check out the store before heading to the Mall of America. It was worth it! The REI store here is much bigger than the ones we've been to in the Detroit area. They call their climbing wall "the Pinnacle" and here's a picture of Sam at the top of a nice 5.7 route:

From the REI, we headed down to the Mall of America and met up with some friends who are in the area too. We rode some of the indoor roller coasters, and were pretty impressed. We got to see most of the cool stores, and now we can truely say that we've been there, and have the t-shirt.
We've decided that we're not going to eat at any restaurants that we have ever been to before, and with the recommendation of our friends, tried Famous Dave's. The most noteable part of the dinner was that we got Sam to eat catfish without her knowlege. She said how much she liked it, asked for more, ate a second peice, and then we told her what it was. Once she knew it was fish, she was grossed out and wouldn't eat any more.
We got to stay the night at our friend's house, and got real showers in the morning! We also got to visit their Church in the morning. Rockpoint Church was very warm and inviting (because there's no air conditioning, and the people are nice).
After Church, we hit the road for the short trip to the world's biggest ball of twine. Really. I can prove it with a picture:

Now we're back on the road, and the kids are watching the latest Veggie Tales DVD, and we're starting to see signs for Wall Drug and the Corn Palace.

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