Sunday, March 22, 2009


Why would a Coffee-Geek who roasts his own beans, and brews with a french press order pre-ground coffee and an electric drip coffee maker from Gevalia??
Thats what I was wondering when I happened to look at my credit card activity on-line yesterday and saw a charge from Gevalia for $35.90
I called and talked to Joy, who was very polite, and told me that she would cancel my account, and reverse the charge. Then later that evening, the people living at our old address stopped by with a package from Gevalia with the aforementioned items in it, and my name on it. So I called again this afternoon, and asked what they wanted me to do with the package. The person that I talked to this time (don't recall her name) also told me that she would reverse the charge, and said that I could keep the stuff (she thought maybe I'd like it and become a customer in the future, but I doubt it).
The part that really has me scratching my head is: how did they get my credit card number?
This really strikes me as a very questionable business practice. If they had sent the stuff unsolicited, and billed me, that would be bad enough, but to charge my credit card for something that I never ordered (and never would consider ordering), is pretty scary.
I'll keep an eye on my credit card statement, and if the charge doesn't get reversed within a few days, I'll call Visa and dispute the charge with them. I'm glad we keep a close eye on our finances, and avoid these scams!

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