Monday, September 08, 2008


It's past time for another update to my quest for easy to purchase music that will work with Linux and iPod.
I had been buying music from the Wal-Mart MP3 store, but now is selling MP3s, and it's even easier than Wal-Mart.
With Amazon's one-click purchasing, and with the Amazon MP3 Downloader software for Linux installed, it is finally easier to pay for music on-line than it is to steal it! Hurray!
The Downloader automatically places the music in my music folder in the right place, and all the ID3 tags seem to be working fine so it works perfectly in my Rythmbox player in Ubuntu, as well as iTunes on my wife's windows PC, and on our iPhones and iPod.
It's nice to have something that finally "just works" the way I expect after years of hoping.
So Amazon is getting all of my business from now on.

So what have I purchased lately?
I just bought the new Casting Crowns album for my wife's birthday. I like it too, so that's a win-win. ;-)
I've purchased albums from Warren Barfield, Superchick, Kutless, and a couple singles from Mark Schultz.
All excellent music!

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