Tuesday, August 08, 2006

San Francisco
With the wise advice of our family members in the area, we decided to BART in to the city. We parked the RV at the North Berkeley BART station, and bought cards for everyone. The kids were very excited, because they had never ridden a subway before. It was a long walk from the Embacadero station down to Pier 39, but we got there without too much trouble. The kids were hungry, and since they don't like sea food, we got them some Stinkin' Pizza.

We really enjoyed Pier 39, especially the sea Lions and the aquarium. They had some animals that you could touch in there, which the kids really thought was cool. Here's a picture of a shark getting petted.

We also visited Ghiradelli square, and China town, riding a street car between the two.

We stopped at the REI store in Berkeley to buy a little tripod for our camera, and asked one of the people there about surf schools in the area. She advised that we go down to Santa Cruz for surf, so that's what we'll do tomorrow!

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