Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sin City
Once in Las Vegas, we set out to find the best family-friendly things to do. With the Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, the Tigers at MGM, Dolphins at the Mirage, and Circus acts at Circus Circus, we had high hopes. It turns out that everything costs a lot of money though, so we didn’t see the Aquarium or the Dolphins. The lion exhibit was closed, so all we really caught was a couple circus acts (a clown, an acrobat, and a juggler). It was really hot, so it was good that the RV was plugged in back at the KOA with the air conditioner running all day. We didn’t want to walk in the 103 heat, so we purchased passes on the “Deuce” double-decker bus. This turned out to be of little value because they were infrequent, and often too full to pick us up. We did enjoy a couple of the free outdoor shows. The Volcano at the Mirage was really cool, and the Pirate show at Treasure Island was impressive, but a little too blue to be called family-friendly. Even the food was more expensive than we expected, and the buffet that we had dinner at was not any better than Old Country Buffet back home. We did enjoy some of the stores, especially the m&m store, the Coke store, and the FAO Schwartz. The m&m store was many levels high, and was worth going to the top because they had a cool 3D movie theater that we got to experience. The Coke store was the best place for a modest t-shirt, a refreshing beverage, and some pictures. Finally, the FAO Schwartz store was cool, with the classic floor piano, and a three-story Trojan horse.

Overall, we were dissapointed with Vegas, and would not recommend it to anyone, though now we can truely say that we've been there, done that, and have the t-shirt!

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