Thursday, August 03, 2006

Unfortunately, my internet connection here at Yellowstone National Park is really slow, so I'm not uploading any pictures this time. We are really enjoying the park though.
From Mount Rushmore, we headed west toward Yellowstone and the mountains. We have been seeing a lot of bikers on their way to Sturgis for bike week. Anyway, the mountains are a real treat. It's not a lot of fun to drive the RV through, but the views have been spectacular! We got as far as Cody, WY and stayed in the Wal-Mart with all the other motorhomes. First thing in the morning on Wednesday, we headed into the park and got a campsite in the Grant Village.
Yellowstone is beautiful! After some relaxing and napping, we got the bikes down, and rode about 3 miles over to a nice thermal area to see some of the features. There is certainly a lot of stuff that none of us have seen (or smelled) before. After getting back to camp, I decided to make dinner, and baked some chicken breasts, prepared a cream sauce with a little sautéed onions, garlic, and mushroom. Not really camp food, but we're enjoying having the everything including the kitchen sink with us. We even enjoyed a bottle of white wine with dinner. After all that, we were ready to turn in, and enjoyed another restful night’s sleep. It was a little chilly by morning though, as the overnight low was in the 30’s, but the furnace took the chill off quickly.
With a pretty early start, we headed over to Old Faithful, saw some paint pots, and proceeded to meet some friends at the swimming area in Firehole River. The rapids are a blast to float through and the water is nice. After that, we continued around the south loop, and saw some more thermal features and wildlife. Finally, ending the day with packing up, and getting ready to leave first thing tomorrow. California here we come!

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