Sunday, May 20, 2007

This episode in my Ubuntu adventure has to do with my iPod music player. I love my iPod, and would be pretty upset if it wasn't going to work with Linux. Fortunately, I am not too attached to the iTunes application or the iTunes Music Store. I've purchased a few songs from the ITMS, but not very many. Most of my songs are in the MP3 format, ripped from CDs that I've purchased.
So anyway, with that as background, I found that gtkpod works just fine for my needs. It read the library from my iPod without any trouble, and I was able to easily put new music on my iPod. I had been a little worried that the music wouldn't show up properly on the iPod, but it was exactly the way I expected it to be.
It's not as seamless as iTunes, and if I had a lot of DRM'd music, I think that would have been an issue, but for me it is exactly what I need. I am really looking forward to opening their music store that will sell platform-independent music, so I can buy the music once and know that it will play on any device.

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